With friends like Naomi…

photo, courtesy of Two Bridges Trading.

Everybody I know goes through those phases of “I’m so down on New York right now” and “New York has been treating me really well lately!” And it’s kind of the rule that whoever you’re talking to isn’t going to be in the same phase as you and you’re going to resent them a little. I’m warning you: I’m currently up on New York. All pessimism aimed my way will be totally deflected thanks to Naomi Nevitt, who’s established a new source of beautiful prints, zines, necklaces, music, and way more other neat stuff by setting up a storefront for all her friends’ art work in her little Chinatown apartment, under the name Two Bridges Trading. Okay, spoiler alert: there’s a necklace with a fossilized lightning bolt bound into it. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t cough up the money for that, but I did walk away with a few excellent zines and a t-shirt that gives me such an enthusiastic bounce in my walk that I’m basically jogging whenever I wear it.

Two Bridges Trading had it’s open house debut last Saturday, but until the 26th she’s making appointments to come view the works, so definitely take her up on it, or at least get on their mailing list for the next go-round, and get a little jealous that you don’t have friends like Naomi. — Kayla Morse


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