Wishbones, wasabi and 2 Dead Moos

I’ll get the pictures really soon, but May 14 was one hell of a show. Salvatore read from his first novel, The End and then passed around wishbones he’d been collecting over the years. Wishes were already placed upon the bones, he just needed someone to pull them apart.

Paul La Farge read a short piece and then ate as much wasabi as he could. I followed suit, but only took half a spoonful.

Nat Rich read from his new novel, The Mayor’s Tongue and then played 2 songs from his band, 2 Dead Moo, that he had when he was 9. His unbroken, high voice, filled the small space of Happy Ending and my smile muscles hurt from laughing so hard.

Katell sang and played Franklin specially for me, which made me so happy.

And then we hung out until we were done.


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