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Who do you get?

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FROM LEAST TO MOST…people tell me I look like…

LILI TAYLOR. I love her, but outside of both being small, I don’t see the resemblance.

TATUM O’ NEAL & KRISTY MCNICHOL (I get both, but only in reference to this time period. So I guess I look like a pre-teen?)

MEREDITH SCOTT LYNN. I used to work at a talent agency and they represented her. I saw her headshot once and I swear to God, I thought it was me.

JENNIFER WESTFELDT (from Kissing Jessica Stein.)

KYRA SEDGWICK. The older I get, the more people compare me to Jennifer Grey (pre-nb) and the more people compare me to her. It happens so often that when I saw her at a party a couple months back I was tempted to stop her and say, “Oh my God, does everyone tell you that you look like me?”

JENNIFER GREY (everyone who tells me this makes clear, “before the nose job!” Yeah – I get it.)


One response to “Who do you get?”

  1. Jennifer Grey Avatar
    Jennifer Grey

    I think that Jennifer Grey looks hot on DWTS.

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