What I’ve Been Up To…

I went to a Calder / Nakashimi Art opening

Nice bartender who gave me some disgusting gum (but very good champagne)

Random photo of a man

Joost Elffers

This is Johnny, the coat check guy. I had to pretend he was my boyfriend, twice. Once when a 70 year old Nigerian man tried having sex with me on the dance floor and again when a crazy person tried.

This is the crazy person

The after-party had amazing views

And a killer DJ

And enthusiastic dancing

And then I went home

My friend Danielle and I took my new bike (and her old one) on a ride from Fort Greene to Red Hook and back…

Saw my niece Maisie in her school play

With my other niece, Lili…

My best friends from college came to visit me for 4 days

My sister, Nina and I went to Beacon’s Closet and sold our clothes. I made $191.77 cents.

I lost my phone, but then a guy found it in the back of a cab and when my friend Laurie called me and he answered, she gave him my email address and he wrote me and I got my phone. Afterwards, inspired by Mark Hage, I put this on my phone as a screensaver:



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    this is really a good idea!

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