Watch Elizabeth and the Catapult’s take on modern love

Hometown heroes Elizabeth and the Catapult have just released their newest, sweetest and probably weirdest video to date. The song is “You and Me,” off their sophomore album The Other Side of Zero, and while you really need to just watch the video to grasp the true essence of its wackiness, let me just tell you some things about it: 1) It stars a little blue alien who rivals the alien cuteness of E.T. 2) Said cute alien is not only lovable but a bona fide ladies’ man. 3) Elizabeth is frockin’ (Amanda hates the word “rockin’” and has forced the word, “frockin’” upon her horrified interns) some seriously excellent hairstyles and some dynamite vintage threads. But don’t take my word for it. Experience the timeless, inter-galaxy romance for yourself below.


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