Town Hall MET-ing!

Hey, this is neat:

A group of art-thinkers known as Town Hall Meeting (perhaps you’ve seen them speak at the New Museum) are presenting a personalized guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art next Sunday, in which members and bright friends of members station themselves at art works “that they feel a particular affinity towards” and give a little talk. Maps to these presenters will be handed out in front of the museum. Here’s their blurb on the event:
To establish a sense of ownership over New York’s largest public collection of objects d’art, and to highlight the accessibility of this venue. We are hoping that all those who come across out tour are enticed to establish their own connection with the collection in a new and unique manner. We want this to be – like many other projects – informative, fun and open to all.
Stop by between 11 am and 1pm next Sunday, October 25th, look for the Town Hall Meeting brick stack (below)–and engage!


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