Tonight!: Two-Minute Genre Reading and Competition

Genre fiction is alive and well amongst the Williamsburg literati, thanks to the efforts of Brooklyn writer Lauren Spohrer, who has put together a fun summer reading series.

Readers, usually 6-8 per event, are asked to write and read short, two-minute pieces that will ape, celebrate, and most likely parody genres normally considered, ahem, outside your typical MFA-holding, Brooklyn-dwelling writer’s oeuvre. Genres on the docket this summer include Sci-Fi, Victorian, Erotica, Noir, and, kicking off the series tonight, Horror. Depending on the audience reaction, who knows! Some of these readers might discover they have the literary chops to write the type of novel that people actually read, and that might actually land them a lucrative book deal. Sure, it’s rainy and gross outside, but that’s all part of the plan. Tell me: Would it be a horror story if the weather weren’t dismal and menacing? Cujo says no. Pathetic fallacy. Get on board.
Blue Angel Wines, during a storm.
Summer Genre Reading Series: Horror Night 
Blue Angel Wines
638 Grand Street (between Leonard St. and Manhattan Ave.) in Brooklyn.

8pm; FREE


Matia Burnett 
Tobias Carroll
Andrew Eisenman
Lawrence Giffin
Tim Mucci
Tanya Paperny
Lauren Spohrer
Deenah Vollmer
Future Genre Readings:
Thursday, 7/7: Sci-Fi
Thursday, 7/21: Victorian
Thursday, 8/11: Erotica
Thursday, 8/25: Noir

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