To do to do to do to do

figure out how to get logos on actual website (flash?)
write out invite template (html for new mailing system)
update website with new info re: joes
Send email to Richard Price re: time limit, NPR and Guest list
Send email to Ben Weber re: guest list
reply to alt apparel re: cross-promotion
email press with fall schedule
send out mass invite to list
reply sarah/NPR
finishing making playbill
print out playbill
get playbill printed (fig out exact #)
get tshirts picked up
consolidate music database
input new info
research music blogs
get contact info for all music blogs
send letters of intro to all music blogs
send letter of intro to remaining music managers/agents etc
book feb, march musician
send uno mas facebook invite (only to NYC people)
email AHB re: tv on the radio
find workable and easy bulk email list
transfer mailing list to new bulk email list
email cheryl y re: happy ending premiere
email he mass list one more time re: tickets
email MS re: JW and music contacts
Order books on Attachment theory (bowlby. ainsworth, cassidy)
finish lush life
follow up with weber that he send 2 cds of MC’s to Joe’s
finish chapter for penguin
write proposals for penguin
clean apartment
pay bills
return calls: markson most important!
buy apples



4 responses

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “Wouldn’t this be a great world if insecurity and desperation made us more attractive?”

  2. Interesting question. Not sure how to answer that. Especially unsure of how it relates to my to-do list. But I suppose, yes, it would be great — for the insecure and desperate people of the world.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Not a question posed to you, Amanda. Just a line from maybe the perfect romantic comedy. (if there is such a thing)

  4. Jack Pendarvis Avatar
    Jack Pendarvis

    I like apples!

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