To do list…

Blog better
Blog more often
Post photos on blog or stop calling it a “photo blog”
Remember to blog
Remember, upon remembering to blog, to actually blog
Stop eating peanut butter from the jar
Eat peanut butter from a bowl
Blog about Beth Orton show
Blog about all the things your brain decided to blog about before it forgot it all
Call people back
Stop reading Barthes on the subway, you look pretentious
Stop mentally organizing everything in your apartment if you’re only going to do it in your head
Blog about how you don’t like when people die even if you didn’t know them
Blog about the bitters


2 responses

  1. Take it easy!
    Y'all is doin' a grate jawb!
    I reckon youse can be all up in it but i sez y'allsdoinagratejob!

  2. Which Barthes book are you reading? Plaisir du texte? L'empire des signes? Which? Don't stop reading in the subway! Barthes must spread and pour into 'merica by way of the NYC underground.
    – Mini Sumo

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