Tiny things, part two

What a beautiful day for tiny things. Since it’s so pleasant out, why not bask in some open-air tinyness? What comes to mind today is a collective project and exhibition on Governor’s Island, produced and curated by FIGMENT, the arts initiative that provides the clout and the forums for emerging artists to share their work. Inspired by public art projects like Christo’s Gates in Central Park, the group formed in 2007 in hopes of making interactive urban art an everyday reality. Instead of putting on gallery shows, they’re more about the idea of installation-as-playground, with the goal of getting both artists and visitors to participate in the creativity and break social groundThis summer, as part of the third annual City of Dreams event, they’ve brought public whimsy to Governor’s Island by calling for entries from the public.

The winning ideas have been transformed into reality, in the forms of a sculpture garden and (tiny drumroll please) a fully functional mini golf course. Visitors are welcome to visit Governors Island (accessible via a pleasant and short ferry ride) and explore the FIGMENT playground, which has made use of all the cool, secret-nook-filled corners of the island and its now-vacant buildings. This summer’s kid-friendly golf course is called “Bugs and Features,” meaning you can expect lots of friendly creepy crawlies and a really fun hole called the Flea Circuitry Circus. 

It features 18 holes (that’s twice as big as last summer!) designed by professional artists and artist teams, first-time designers, and families. 

The course runs through the season, and you can browse the calendar for dates and locations of other FIGMENT projects. 


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