Tiny things, part one

On my mind right now: tiny things are cuter than regular-sized things. So this week I’ll be giving you a list of some tiny things to do in this great big city of ours. 
Today I suggest you take your lunch hour at the museum, and contemplate the world in miniature. The above photo? It’s of a tiny little lady flashing a group of tiny little hikers, in some tiny little woods, and it’s adorable (and thought provoking!) because it’s tiny. It’s a photo of a diorama (remember those?) made by Jonah Samson, and it’s on view at the Museum of Arts & Design as part of “Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities,” showing now through September 18.
From the museum’s website

Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities illuminates the phenomenal renaissance of interest among artists worldwide in constructing small-scale hand built depictions of artificial environments and alternative realities, either as sculpture or as subjects for photography and video. These are worlds of “magic realism” conceived and realized through intense engagement with materials, attention to detail, and concern for meaningful content. In this exhibition, the works are presented as dioramas, models, snow globes, and site specific installations, as well as through photographs and video.

A collection of dioramas and snow globes better than the ones in my second grade classroom? Yes, please. Featured artists include Matthew Abanese, Amy Bennett, Oliver Boberg, James Casebere, Bethany de Forest, Peter Feigenbaum, Joe Fig, Patrick Jacobs, Frank Kunert, Guy Laramee, Didier Massard, Charles Matton, Lori Nix, Junebum Park, Jonah Samson, Michael Paul Smith, Paolo Ventura, Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz, among many others. 

Three snow globes by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz

The Museum of Arts & Design
2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY
Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-6pm; Thursday from 11am to 9pm
General admission $15; Students/Seniors $12


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