This is me, stacking up!

Jill Bauerle, Creator and Executive Producer of Stacked Up TV! and her crew (Susan and Antonio), came over to my apartment and asked me lots and lots of questions about the books on (and off) my shelves. Then they saw my guitar and asked if I played and I said I was teaching myself, so no, not really, and besides, I told them, it’s out of tune and I have no idea how to tune it. To demonstrate its tune-lessness I picked it up, strummed out the proof and then attempted to tune it by ear (something I don’t really know how to do) and a miracle happened: I DID IT. Holy crap. I tuned a guitar by ear, with no electronic devices or better informed guitar people nearby. This was a very important lesson for me. I learned that TV IS magical. Once you are on it, you can do all sorts of things you couldn’t do before. For example, once they were shooting, I was no longer the smooth-tongued, well-expressed, connoisseur of language you know and probably have very conflicted feelings about, as opposed to the straight up love you have for other people. Instead, I fell into the 1983 Martha Coolidge helmed patois of Julie Richman, aka “Valley Girl.” I liked the shit out of almost all my sentences. Once I paddled past all my likes, I surfed my way back on succulent waves of curses. So there you have it.


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