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Okay, I promised Amanda that I would try to A) Post more often and B) Keep my food-truck posts to a minimum. Let me explain.

I really love food trucks. Yesterday, when I was walking to get Amanda her pre-show ritual Luna bar, it took everything I had in me to not go buy ALL the cupcakes from the Cupcake Truck.

I am a food truck connoisseur (hey, now, that’s French!), and Summer ’09 was the Summer of Food Trucks.

I think that the 53rd and 6th Halal Guy and the Treats Truck may have spent a lonely winter together because, this summer, 89 million baby food trucks popped up all over NYC. I am partial to sweets, so I spent a lot of time at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and Street Sweets. Amanda wanted to know about the savories–specifically the Dumpling Truck and the Bistro Truck.

The point is: food trucks are awesome. It’s fast food, but you can totally pretend it’s good for you because a real person actually made it. So, hooray, calories don’t count (if they ever did!)!

And tomorrow is the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck‘s last day of the season (he’s usually around Union Square). I will surely shed a sugary tear.


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  1. Amanda Stern Avatar
    Amanda Stern

    Great, posting about dairy on a lactose intolerant blog! You're trying to kill me!

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