Things to blog about but probably won’t

1. That after-party I went to a couple weeks back at the Brooklyn Museum where I took handfuls of yo-yos and ding-dongs although I don’t really eat junk food and I’m allergic to dairy.
2. How I almost died, but did not die, although those two men had big silver guns and were aiming at someone’s head from either side of me, no more than 5 feet away.
3. The three events in one night where on my way to the last event I saw my first real live gun no more than 5 feet away from me
4. How I am starting to forget everything that happens except for the things that make me sad. Those things I can never seem to forget.
5. That’s actually not true. Sometimes I remember the sad things and it’s only when I re-read my journal that I think, “Wow, I forgot all about that. That was really sad.”
6. How I wish that Yaddo would decide that I was no longer on the wait-list but on the LIST.
7. This past show and how I had allergies and was in a Claritin coma.
8. How I think my panic disorder is spreading to my hair.


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