The Silver Lining of Book Banning:

sometimes HERS-alums write excellent plays about it, and these plays get written up in the NYTimes.

Adam Rapp’s play, The Metal Children–about an author’s visit to the town in which is book has been banned–opens at the Vineyard Theater this Wednesday (buy tickets here). From the sound of it, the play is as much about confronting the readers’ relationship to this banned book as it is the author’s “moral obligation for the work we produce,” and “what your relationship to your own work [is] as it gains history.” While writers come up against these issues whenever they release a book or story or sentence to be published, less often do they confront them in the face of vehement backlash against their work. And even less often do we see a play about the morality of writing! Between this, In the Next Room, and Neighbors, some really rad stuff up on stage this past year.


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