The Intern Post-Show Recap, 2

But, let’s be honest, at this point it might as well be called “The Intern Post-Show-Recap Recap.” Because that’s what it is.

In any case, holy crap, what a show! Seriously. This was the first time I could see and hear the entire show (I was recording), and it was a great first time.

The theme was Graphic Book Night. I know next to nothing about graphic books, except that my best friend from 8th grade has been working on them for longer than I’ve known her (she won’t let me see any except this one).

Amy Correia played an AMAZING set, ending with a cover of “Rhinestone Cowboy.” I, and perhaps many members of the audience, didn’t know that I knew “Rhinestone Cowboy,” but I sure did sing along.

Inspired by Amy’s fan-funded album, I am offering everyone the opportunity to fan-fund my college education. Upon completion of my degree, all donors will receive a tiny, laminated copy of my diploma and a selection of my term papers.

Maybe not,though, if they’re anything like Laurie Sandell’s. For her risk, Laurie read one of her college entrance essays and I realized, for the first time, how truly awful my writing must have been (and may still be) when I applied to college.

The readings were brilliant and wonderful and inspired–even more, now that I could hear! Each reading was accompanied by graphics, obviously, and Chip Kidd threw in some hilarious voices that make me so glad that this show was recorded.

Highlights include: Brian Selznick’s ridiculously accurate reenactment of a number from an original high school musical, Amanda’s angelic adolescence, and Chip Kidd’s a cappella cover of a Radiohead song–I’m not cool enough to know which one (Kayla is), but it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

Brian wins this time, though, for his painstaking recreation of foil-patterned shorts. Brilliant.


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