The Fangs are a hit

Guests of the Happy Ending to benefit for Yaddo in May will remember the dazzling reading by author Kevin Wilson, big time charmer and staggeringly good writer de jour, whose new novel The Family Fang came out this week, to tons of praise and well-deserved fanfare. Wilson’s gift in book form is the story of the Fangs, a family of performers, in which the children, Annie and Buster, are the stars of their parents’ bizarre, outlandish and taboo-to-the-max stage creations. The Times just ran a profile on Wilson and his quirky new creation, which comes right on the heels of Janet Maslin’s stellar review. Seriously, if you buy one more book this month, this summer or even this year, do yourself a favor and make it The Family Fang. Your inner child, the one you keep locked away and hidden from the outside world because you’re scared it’ll freak everyone out, will thank you. 


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