The Day I Became A Tabloid

By Frank James (via NPR)

There are several reports that the Los Angeles Police Department wants to interview the doctor who was at pop superstar Michael Jackson’s home yesterday when he collapsed. So far, the doctor’s name hasn’t emerged.

Reports also say the doctor’s car was impounded and that police will search it for medications that might have been administered to Jackson.

MSNBC reports:

LOS ANGELES – Police towed the car of a doctor from Michael Jackson’s home Friday and said it could contain drugs or other evidence offering clues in the pop star’s death.

Los Angeles police spokeswoman Karen Rayner said coroner’s investigators were seeking to interview the doctor but said she did not know the doctor’s identity. She stressed the doctor was not under criminal investigation.


SOME VIDEO FROM MSNBC (If I say I’m going tabloid, I might as well back that shit up with some video, n’est pas?

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