The 6th Stage of Grief – Twittering?

Welcome to 2010, where stars have fallen hard for the newest form of mourning: obitwittering (Trademark, Amanda Stern Inc.) First, Ashton obitweeted his condolences to his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Murphy and her mom, and now “stars,” are obitweeting to their friend and lover, Casey Johnson.

I just can’t help but find this fundamentally offensive. Let me be the first to state for the record that if you know me, if you are my family or my boyfriend or even an acquaintance plus (this is my term for someone who is more than an acquaintance, but not yet a friend), please do not twitter about my death (especially if I am not yet dead). I’d be pissed. I’d be insulted. I’d think: “You selfish, motherfucker. I’m the one that died, and you’re making this about you?”

It’s for show – all of it. Celebrity RIP tweeting is disingenuous and its insincerity is transparent. Instead of seeing you for the thoughtful soul you imagine your “public” sees, we see it for what it is: a classless, calculating move that reinforces your narcissism. Tweeting a condolence to your nearest and dearest signals your self-absorption. Making your friend’s death become all about you is, in my eyes, a severe pathological condition. Worse even than any of my pathological conditions, and that’s no easy feat.

TILA TEQUILA (Casey Johnson’s “fiance” tweets):

“I’m still in shock! Once again thank U for the outpour of love and support. I just wish to have some privacy at this heartbreaking time,” she said. “R.I.P my Angel. @caseyjonsonJnJ u will forever be in my heart! I love u so so much and we will Marry when I see U in Heaven my Wifey. I can’t stop these haunting visions of her and I. We made such a lovely couple, only beginning to spend the rest of our lives together…”


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