That Country Feeling

Instead of saying, “what the fuck?” let’s start saying, “what the douche?”

Example: “What the douche is with Twitter?”

Isn’t that facebook status crap enough?

I’m away now, working on my book. Except for this moment where I am not working on my book at all.

It is 5:15pm and I have not spoken out loud today.

I brought two books with me. One, The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti is fucking amazing. I’m halfway through. So far, it’s my favorite book of the year. The second book, The Heretic’s Daughter by Kathleen Kent is standing by.

When I was a kid we used to go to my grandfather’s old house in Rye, NY. I had all these books there: Tuck Everlasting, Mandy, The Secret Garden. Even when I knew I was too old to be reading them, I’d spend my time there re-reading the books I didn’t want to grow out of. They made me feel safe and protected somehow, even if the fictional world I was brought into was dangerous. The experience I had reading books I loved brought me great comfort and Hannah Tinti’s book — while not a Young Adult book by any stretch — has brought to me the exact same intangible sense. I’d forgotten about that feeling (the “country feeling” I called it). Now it’s back. And I likey.


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I once lived in the south for a short period of time. As the locals tell you, if you leave your grocery list out at night, when you awake the next morning the cockroaches will have added items to that list. Sounds like a joke but it actually happened to me! When I saw the list, all I could think of was, “wow, this cockroach has wonderful penmanship!”

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Speaking of books, why aren’t you coming back to the Decatur Book Festival? Looked for your name on the list today, and sadly, no, not there. Your workshop was awesome. Maybe we were boring and you hate us?

  3. Amanda Avatar

    So glad I don’t live in the south, if for nothing else — the roaches.

    AND…not going back to the Decatur Book Festival because I wasn’t asked! I could crash, I suppose, but that takes flying and flying takes money and money is something I just don’t have. Hope it goes well, glad you liked my workshop and fill me in when it’s over!

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I’ll demand they ask you back next year. I doubt they’re offering anything that compares to the experience of being in that workshop. See you next year!

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