Technological and gastronomical breakdown

I’ve spent the better part of the past three days on the phone with Apple and Microsoft. So far, I like the Apple people better, but I fucking hate their computer. I had to do a big transfer and then a horrifying ERASE and DELETE of the entire system. In the middle of all this my blackberry broke and I spent two hours at the phone store this morning and had to buy a new blackberry with money I don’t have. Add to this – last night’s dinner with Arthur Phillips! We went to Grand Sichaun on Canal Street where you order raw shit like pig tendons and squid balls and throw it in boiling shit and Maneschewitz my stomach hurts today.

When I return to full blogging form I will post about my weekend which was filled with cultural things like:

1) Sufjan Stevens, Osso, David Stith, Shara Worden concert/film screening
2) Private Doveman house concert
3) Art salon on Adelphi Street

Until then, my stomach really, really hurts.


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  1. I begged you to eat the fiber. I begged you.

  2. Amanda Stern Avatar
    Amanda Stern

    I think it was the goddamned fiber that did me in! Pig tendons and fiber!

    Think that'd make a good smoothie?

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