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    So many people raise their children in opposition to how they were raised. They decide in advance what they will do differently, how their methods will ensure that what happened to them won’t happen to their own child. This is understandable on many levels, but it’s not practical, and more importantly, it’s not fair. You […]

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  • A New Model for Being Human

    A New Model for Being Human

    We are solitary creatures whose lives are as unknowable to others as they often are to ourselves. The messages I received early on suggested that there was a right way to be a person and I wasn’t being it. So, I others as my barometer for how to be, or how not to be. This constant looking out to define myself based on the world’s idea of what was good and right was my attempt to become “normal”; to fit inside the world’s standards. Continue reading

  • The Sickness Chapter

    The Sickness Chapter

    In honor of my sickness and my obsession with what getting sick might mean for me, I have resurrected a lost chapter from LITTLE PANIC, one on sickness, that was killed, swiftly and painfully, at the last minute. I present it to you now… Sickness             There is no reason for my back to hurt, […]

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  • Raising parents

    Raising parents

    Dear parents of Little panickers, I am your kid, all grown up, and I’d like to tell you a few things you may not know about the child you raised from scratch. Your child is not acting out “to be difficult” or “for no reason.” If your child is coming to you, complaining they can’t […]

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  • Panicking in public

    Panicking in public

    I grew up with a panic disorder that went undiagnosed until I was 25. No one knew why I couldn’t leave my mom without fearing she’d die or disappear, why I refused invitations to slumber parties and didn’t believe I’d be returned after a weekend at my father’s. When I had trouble learning to tell […]

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  • Is perfectionism anxiety in disguise?

    Is perfectionism anxiety in disguise?

    Blogging is not a natural inclination for me. That said, as I travel around and speak to schools and organizations about panic and anxiety, more and more people have requested that I use my existing blog to talk about anxiety and panic. While I have an anxiety resources page on this site, my recommendations are […]

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  • Excerpt from Little Panic

    Excerpt from Little Panic

    COUNTDOWN TO KAREN SILKWOOD   MY PARENTS LIVE ON either side of Manhattan, uptown and downtown. By cab my dad is twenty minutes away, but that’s time, and time doesn’t work for me. I like being downtown always; I like when it’s just the four of us: my mom, Kara, Eddie, and me. But Kara […]

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