Friend Series!

Friend of the series and HERS-alum Nelly Reifler (who opened season one and closed season five as part of lady power trio Nelly/A.M. Holmes/Mary Gaitskill lineup–hot DAMN, basically) is hosting her own reading at Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn, USA this Saturday.   Readers are Jonathan Dixon, who blogged his cooking school experience over at 19 Months, and Sara Powers, whose fiction you can find in VLS, Story, Zoetrope: All-Story, and in the anthologies New Stories from the South, High Infidelity, and the Zeotrope: All-Story anthology.

Saturday, October 2
376 9th Street (near 6th Avenue), Brooklyn


Jonathan Caouette at the New York Film Festival!

HERS-alum Jonathan Caouette’s short film All Flowers In Time will be shown tomorrow night before Hong Sang-soo’s Oki’s Movie–get tickets for both here!  I believe we got a glimpse of All Flowers In Time–a “psychological fever dream nightmarish short” featuring Chloe Sevigny and a pair of glowing red eyeballs–when Jonathan presented part of a collection of short films based on dreams and nightmares, made by a slew of experimental film bold-names, at Happy Ending’s ‘FILM NIGHT.’  They were all really good–creepy and dark and playful and STRANGE–and I’m excited that the rest of the world now gets a chance to peek Jonathan’s contribution.

Check out the North American premiere of All Flowers In Time tomorrow night, September 30th, at 6:00pm at Lincoln center.


GUEST POST: Megan Abbot Interviews Jack Pendarvis

There are two things for which I have a great deal of appreciation: (1.) People doing my job for me and (2.) Jack Pendarvis’ ability to title his books.  Here, if you are unfamiliar with either of those things, I’ll let you in on my pleasure, like in Sleepers when they pass around that little glowy drug ball.  Jack Pendarvis’ book titles: AWESOMEYOUR BODY IS CHANGING, and THE MYSTERIOUS SECRET OF THE VALUABLE TREASURE.  My job being done for me: Jack Pendarvis gets the wonderful Megan Abbot to interview him, then transcribes the interview himself and sends it to me.  Pretty sweet deal.

You probably know Jack from one of his excellent book titles, or maybe his Believer column Musin’s and Thinkin’s, or perhaps from his presence at the Oxford American, or maybe just from his own blog?  If you’re like, his sister?  As for Megan, I think Jack summed her up best when he said, “She is sweet and petite and polite and writes jawdroppingly brutal hardboiled violence,” but I will also add that she’s the Edgar-winning author of Die a Little, The Song Is You, Queenpin, and the non-fiction title The Street Was Mine: White Masculinity in Hardboiled Fiction and Film Noir.
Continue after the jump for the interview; but first, watch as I rip off the Believer intro index to give you a taste of what’s discussed– Continue reading “GUEST POST: Megan Abbot Interviews Jack Pendarvis”

SYD STRAW saves the day!

THIS (SEMI) JUST-IN: Kristin Hersh is very sick and will not be able to read tonight. In a life-saving move of epic proportions, Syd Straw will be taking her place and reading from RAT GIRL! She will also be singing a song! Awesome.