Jonathan Caouette at the New York Film Festival!

HERS-alum Jonathan Caouette’s short film All Flowers In Time will be shown tomorrow night before Hong Sang-soo’s Oki’s Movie–get tickets for both here!  I believe we got a glimpse of All Flowers In Time–a “psychological fever dream nightmarish short” featuring Chloe Sevigny and a pair of glowing red eyeballs–when Jonathan presented part of a collection of short films based on dreams and nightmares, made by a slew of experimental film bold-names, at Happy Ending’s ‘FILM NIGHT.’  They were all really good–creepy and dark and playful and STRANGE–and I’m excited that the rest of the world now gets a chance to peek Jonathan’s contribution.

Check out the North American premiere of All Flowers In Time tomorrow night, September 30th, at 6:00pm at Lincoln center.


Watch while you wait

Things over at Happy Ending Central have been quiet for a variety of reasons. Most of them are sad. While we get our bearings, or while we fake get our bearings, listen to this song by Lucius. It’s beautiful & nostalgic. I predict it will be the final song in a movie where two lonely souls finally find each other, only to learn that one of them is dying.

You can also purchase tickets to the next Happy Ending event at Joe’s Pub on October 6th. Scoot your eyes three centimeters to your right. There you go. That’s who’s on the roster. Get tickets here!

Lucius Shenandoah from Jessica wolfe on Vimeo.


Brooklyn Book Festival! September 12th!

Oh snap I’m excited.  This year looks GOOD.   The day starts out with a serious event triple threat featuring Jennifer Egan, Steve Almond and Colson Whitehead doing ‘musically-inspired readings’ at 10 am.  Later, beloved HERS/BBF-alum Rakesh Satyal will be back on the main stage (remember when he killed it last year?  When the audio wouldn’t play for his risk so he did his entire choreographed dance WHILE singing Billie Jean?  REMEMBER?!), and damn, even Sarah Silverman is showing up with David Rakoff to chat about, you know, themselves.  T Cooper, Mary Gaitskill, Adam Haslett…and that’s just the celebrity tip of the awesome literary iceberg taking over Borough Hall.

Take a second in the BBF louuuuuuunge to see who else is gonna’ be there:

Sunday, September 12, 2010
10AM – 6PM
Programs taking place in the Brooklyn Borough Hall Courtroom and St. Francis College Auditorium are ticketed.
Free tickets will be distributed one hour before the start of the program from the Brooklyn Book Festival Information Booths

Brooklyn Artists’ Gym

Studio space ain’t always easy to find in Brooklyn, because even though there’s a kajillion empty buildings, not everyone’s thrilled to rent communal space out to a constantly shifting crew of mess-makers, or they did and some enterprising artiste has already come in and slapped a high rent on its usage.  Really, I don’t know anyone in Brooklyn who has an extra $400 bucks a month to spend on some 10×10 windowless art box, but that seems to be the expectation.

So it’s always nice to find a group like the Brooklyn Artists’ Gym that seems to genuinely want to create an affordable, safe space in which to create art, and to have in-house classes thrown in to boot!  Not bad at all.  At BAG, membership is $199, and this past summer they’ve had super-cheap classes that range from craft basics (canvas building) to workshops on ‘Ideas and Installations.’  Neat!

Brooklyn Artists Gym from Suzanne Glickstein on Vimeo.


Light Industry Film Screening Tomorrow: Piers Piers ‘n’ Sexy Peers

Stoked on this double feature hosted by Brooklyn’s Light Industry tomorrow at 7:30 (from the site):

In 1975 Gordon Matta-Clark created a monument—or an anti-monument—to New York’s industrial history with Day’s End, his transformation of the dilapidated Pier 52, which stood at the end of Gansevoort Street. He cut a channel in the pier’s floor and another in the roof above, so that when the sun reached its high point at noon, it shone down into the water. And he cut cat’s-eye-shaped holes in the tin walls, one at the side of the channel, another at the pier’s west end so that the sun came streaming in as it set over New Jersey. He called the work an “indoor water park,” where he hoped the “peaceful enclosure” would “create a joyous situation.” His film made with Besty Susler is one of the few records we have of both this great work and of the abandoned Hudson River piers before they were torn down—but not the only one. In 1979, Arch Brown released a gay porn film called Pier Groups. In it, two neighbors head for the piers, one for some fun on a day off, the other because he has an assignment to prepare for his demolition company to put in a bid for the piers’ destruction—“No one uses them,” says his boss. The engineer, played by Johnny Kovacs, wanders through the piers checking out their architecture and again and again happens upon guys—including his neighbor, played by Keith Anthoni—getting it on. He stops, watches, moves on, checks out another part of building, stumbles upon more sex play. Straight-acting, wearing his hard hat, he might be the hottest guy in the film… – DC

Also really stoked on the name ‘Besty Susler.’  DIBS, Brooklyn moms.  Don’t even think about it.

2S2S: We weren’t kidding!

Two Sizes Two Small–Jessica Kane’s Fringe play we blogged a bit back, to rave comment reviews–is blowin’ up!  Now the second most popular show of this year’s Fest (out of 200!), Kane’s show has garnered a pretty sweet review over at and sold out on Monday.

Tickets are still available for the three remaining shows here–sounds like a good idea to get them in advance.

Synopsis from the fringeny site:

Paul Langley, a powerful stockbroker, is confronted one morning by the unfathomable reality that all his shoes have shrunk two sizes too small. Thus begins this action-packed farce about a seemingly normal guy who becomes impossibly stuck in his life.

cast photo courtesy of the Two Sizes Too Small site.


Banging the Summer Away

I’m lame and I missed the opportunity to tell you about Bang on a Can‘s 6-hour “adventurous music” marathon at Mass MoCA, hosted July 31st. I may have been camping upstate when it took place, there may have been beer involved. Needless to say, no timely blogging. Or we could just pretend this is a post advising you to attend next year’s Summer Festival, in which case, SO TIMELY.

Fortunately, though, Bang on a Can never sleeps, meaning they have a ton of awesome, still-summery events coming up. On Aug. 4-8th, BoaC’s Asphalt Orchestra plays Lincoln Center Out of Doors, premiering work by David Byrne, Yoko Ono and St. Vincent, in addition to a collab between Asphalt and the Paul Taylor dance company, Taylor 2.
On August 8th, BoaC and Noguchi Museum host Evan Ziporyn, and on Sept. 12th, they host HERS-alum Tristan Perich, of tiny-baby-piano and computer-chip-saxophone fame. Rally and make the trek to Long Island City–it’ll be worth it!
Oh, and for one more tie-in, Happy Ending is hosting its own special show at MASSMoCA on October 30th. If you can make it to Long Island City, I’m sure you can make it to Massachusetts…