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  • My Eulogy for Maggie Estep

    My Eulogy for Maggie Estep

    My grandmother died on Wednesday at age 94. I’ll write something about her really soon, but I wanted to first post the eulogy I wrote and delivered today for Maggie Estep at her memorial service/tribute at Nuyorican. John S. Hall is a miracle and he made it all happen. It was seamless. I left before […]

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  • What Maggie Can’t Do.

    What Maggie Can’t Do.

    Maggie died and no one knows what to do, and since doing happens no matter if you’re in bed staring at the wall, or standing under a stream of water not remembering it’s the shower, why not get purposeful about it, control the doing and name it? When people you are close to die, it […]

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  • On Losing Maggie Estep

    On Losing Maggie Estep

    Like many, I knew of Maggie before I met her, which made her that rare person whose presence preceded her actual company. I moved toward her in increments: I read her work, I saw her perform. We shared a publisher; she blurbed my first novel, and when we finally met it was at my brother’s […]

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  • Page Turner Festival OCTOBER 5th!

    Page Turner Festival OCTOBER 5th!

    The Happy Ending Music and Reading Series is a proud media sponsor for the PAGE TURNER FESTIVAL, presented by the ASIAN AMERICAN WRITERS’ WORKSHOP.  It’s half block-party, half book-bash, with more than 60 (SIXTY!!) writers and performers and the best of Brooklyn Culinary culture. Food vendors include: Bombay Sandwich Co, Brooklyn Soda Works, Brooklyn Wok […]

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  • My health, my book, my dog.

    My health, my book, my dog.

    When you ignore your blog, are you really just ignoring yourself? Here’s what I’ve been up to, since I last wrote. In order:

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  • My Imaginary Tumblrs

    My Imaginary Tumblrs

    Done With Your Novel Yet? (Okay, this one sort of exists, but I’ve been half-hearted about it). Drunk Vegan Hot Criminals Paparazzi pictures of paparazzis taking pictures Views from the windows of boys I’m dating.

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  • The First Thing About Raising Babies

    The First Thing About Raising Babies

    My short story, “Laura Found a Baby,” is now called, “The First Thing about Raising Babies,” and it can be found over on author, Robert Lopez’s blog. So, there’s that.

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  • One Word Celebrity Interview with Will Ryman

    One Word Celebrity Interview with Will Ryman

    Will Ryman is an American contemporary artist based in New York.[1] He uses found objects, consumer products, and construction materials to make large scale sculptures and installations that deal with the dualities and contradictions of the human condition. Many of his works have been influenced by the absurdist philosophy, the culture of urban street life, consumerism, and […]

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  • More Laura….

            So, the incomparable Robert Lopez has snapped up the Laura Found a Baby story (title now changed to “The First Thing about Raising Babies”) so I’ll let you know when he puts it up, but (and I don’t think he’ll kill me) here’s a couple more lines as a teaser.  So, […]

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