Et tu, Pilot?

On Saturday, DJC joined me on the NJ Transit to visit a rescued dog named Daisy. The rescue, Golden Hearts, is run by a group of volunteers, animal lovers with temperaments not only perfect for rescuing animals, but for rescuing people. This is why I’m not telling you anyone’s name. I fear they’ll have a long line of broken hearted NYers waiting to be saved.

I have never been an animal lover. I was born and raised in Manhattan, my siblings and parents and I were all allergic to cats and dogs (I am only allergic to cats). I always wanted a pet growing up, but by the time I grew up, I didn’t. However, that all changed when I met a dog a couple months ago who I fell totally in love with. It wasn’t a dog available for me to own, so I became preoccupied with the idea of finding my very own dog. I researched all the different types of dogs I might like, where and how to get one, what it takes, what you need, how much money it costs, thinking that my dog desire would blow over, but suddenly it was two months later, and it wasn’t tapering off. That’s when I began searching shelters for actual dogs, and not just the idea of a dog.

Then, after a million hours of searching I came across one dog. Daisy. Several phone calls later, I was on a train going to check her out during adoption day. There were about 8 dogs in the backyard, running around, chasing each other, distracted and when I walked through the gate, this one little dog, sauntered right over and up to me, and it was Daisy. When I bent down I knew, just like Hannah Tinti said I would, that this dog, was mine.

Her name is now Pilot. I think she used to be a novelist, because she’s thoughtful and intense and seems to observe everything and take note of what’s what. On Friday morning, I’m going to pick her up and take her home and she’ll be mine. I’m so excited, I can’t even really stand the wait.

Happy Ending finally has a real mascot and I finally have a pet.

Ladies, gentlemen…Pilot Jackson Stern:



Someone got to this site by searching for: “dr. david blumethal nyc.”

Thought you might like to know.

Okay — so listen all 0 of you who visit this blog — I have this Joe’s Pub thing coming up Wednesday and I’ve a lot to do and two articles to write so naturally, I’m posting instead. Things will be quiet here for a couple days, but when I return you’ll read, not only about the Joe’s Pub event, but about:

The Groupo Corpo show I saw at BAM Saturday night
My first time playing Guitar Hero
My ex-husband, Pablo Ouziel
A story about a bag
Older Happy Ending events

For now, enjoy this picture of me from when I was 13…