Rejection to Paul

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your recent submission to Rykodisc. We appreciate the effort you’ve put into your music and are flattered that you would consider Rykodisc as a home for your labor of love.

Unfortunately we must pass for the following reason:

1. Not music-y enough
2. We have already released it without your knowledge
3. In our considered opinion the market for (please pick one):
math-rock/crayon-rock/emo/thrash-meditation/NYC Rock Bands doing bad Stooges and-or Velvets imitations/female singer-songwriters who own Sylvia Plath books/Appalachian Techno-Folk has been saturated.
4. It is not for us <———————

Sadly, art must meet commerce, and while we most surely have made a grevious error in passing on your esteemed work, we hope you will smile fondly as you recall this poor excuse for a form letter as you are stepping onto the stage at a sold-out Madison Square Garden.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Rougvie
VP, A&R and Special Project