Dear Paul,

Thank you for your recent submission to Rykodisc. We appreciate the effort you’ve put into your music and are flattered that you would consider Rykodisc as a home for your labor of love.

Unfortunately we must pass for the following reason:

1. Not music-y enough
2. We have already released it without your knowledge
3. In our considered opinion the market for (please pick one):
math-rock/crayon-rock/emo/thrash-meditation/NYC Rock Bands doing bad Stooges and-or Velvets imitations/female singer-songwriters who own Sylvia Plath books/Appalachian Techno-Folk has been saturated.
4. It is not for us <———————

Sadly, art must meet commerce, and while we most surely have made a grevious error in passing on your esteemed work, we hope you will smile fondly as you recall this poor excuse for a form letter as you are stepping onto the stage at a sold-out Madison Square Garden.

Warmest Regards,

Jeff Rougvie
VP, A&R and Special Project

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