Rejection to Adina Ferber From Junior High


Manhattan Day School

May 18, 1979,

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ferber:

I am very sorry to inform you that Nancy has not made any progress in her academic performance since I first informed you of this problem, approximately six months ago.

In General Studies she is not passing any of her subjects. In Math, Social Studies and English Language Arts, her test grades are way below passing. She comes to class totally unprepared, not bringing the necessary books. Quite often she daydreams during the lessons. None of her homework is ever finished. Her written work is illegible and there seems to be no effort towards neatness and clarity. After an absence, she makes no effort to catch up on the work she missed.

In the Jewish Studies, even though she was placed in a lower grade, the last two months she has been making very little effort to do any work. Whenever spoken to she complains that people are singling her out for criticism. We continue to forsee very little progress in the future. As such, your daughter, Nancy, does not perform academically nor does she show an effort to perform up to the standards of the school.

Furthermore, we believe that the requirements that are set in Manhattan Day School may be much to difficult for her. I therefore suggest to you, for the well-being of Nancy, that you should look to find a school that may be more capable of catering to Nancy’s needs. Perhaps in a different environment, not as competitive and demanding, Nancy would perform much better.

As things stand now, she is definitely not ready to enter Junior High School at Manhattan Day School. I am therefore urging you, on behalf of Nancy, to think of her own welfare, in deciding upon a proper way to help her. Perhaps a rigorous and intensive prepartory program with lessons and review may bolster her academic achievement. If it does, than I will be happy to have her in our Junior High School; but if it does not, I do not see how she could continue to be in our school.

Please respond to me as soon as you can.


Rabbi Gershon H Fluk