Sunnier at Sunny’s

It’s already July! Which means that summer is basically over, and we’ve done nothing except complain about how hot it is, and take several naps in the park. If you’re stuck in New York, it’s easy to forget about all those salty scented places of our childhoods that make us nostalgic for summers past–seaside towns, cobbled streets, gray clapboard houses, scrimshaw decorations, exotic plant life, and seasonal pubs filled to capacity with happy drunk people.

But lucky for us we don’t need to ferry out to Martha’s Vineyard to experience all that beachy magic, because our very own Red Hook is way closer, more convenient, with many fewer children to boot. Red Hook is home to lots o’ hidden gems, but one of its most special is the unassuming Sunny’s Bar on Conover Street. Sunny’s is warm and welcoming, with a humble exterior and a cozy, barn-ish inside, that beacons visitors with this sick neon sign:

There’s a live bluegrass band every Saturday night (that’s tonight!), and the bar also plays host for various literary reading and book parties. Plus, the walk to and from Sunny’s (and it’ll be a walk–the Smith 9th Street station is closed for…probably forever), with its quiet breezy streets and factory/waterfront skyline, will bring you back to simpler times, when sleepy July nights stretched on and on, and when you actually thought to look up at the stars. Viva la summer, viva Sunny’s!

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