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If you’d like to book Amanda for a speaking engagement or a reading, please contact her through this website, or reach out to her speaking agent, Leslie Shipman (

Praise for Amanda’s talks…

“Amanda’s speech yesterday was among the very best I have ever heard! Within a matter of a few minutes, I laughed several times and cried. Amanda spoke with warmth and vulnerability, strength and passion, wisdom and humility. She’s clearly a brilliant writer…I think she is nothing short of a miracle,” -Dr. Bill  Blank, Solomon Schechter High School in Westchester

“Amanda is not only a celebrated author and an authentically magical storyteller, but she is an exceptional person to speak to both your students and the adult audience.” -Pamela Harrington, Executive Director of Bring Change to Mind

“People were raving about [your speech]. I beg you to continue speaking no matter the anxiety it may bring you; people need to hear what you have to say. You have inspired me…” – Daniel L, high school student.

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