People come to Happy Ending to hear the readers, see them take risks and meet their favorite scribblers. They do not come to hear me be self-deprecating and a little raunchy. On average, the audience is pleasantly surprised to find that this event is not stuffy or pretentious and they are happy that I attempt to make them happy. But there are other occasions, such as this occasion, where the audience is not pleasantly surprised by my attempts to be light-hearted. In fact, they are down-right confused at the effort. This was one of those nights.

Oh My God, God.
They don’t think I’m funny.
You still think I’m funny God, right?
Don’t you?

Did you think I was funny? They didn’t think I was funny. Did you notice that they didn’t think I was funny? Why didn’t they think I was funny? The readers? Yeah, they were great, but back to me. Did you notice how no one thought I was funny?

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