Smash hit.

Last night’s Season 6 premiere was spectacular. Thank you to all who came out and thank you to all those who played and read. It felt like a house concert. Laura Dawn and Daron Murphy, Moby’s bandmates were both sick, but they pulled out their reserves and played one of the best shows I think I’ve ever seen. It’s Moby’s birthday today so I presented him with a vegan cake for his 200th birthday. Andrew Sean Greer taught a dance he invented, Darin Strauss played slide guitar and Hannah Tinti did magic tricks. The readings themselves were brave, sad and poignant. It was a hell of a night. More pictures to come…


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    How’s that “baby daddy” search comin’ along?

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Just so you know, it ain’t much easier for a guy to find a baby mama.

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