I’ve been a very slacky blogger. I apologize. This is a placeholder blog post announcing some upcoming things I intend to blog about (though, may never actually blog about):

1. That great dinner party

2. The crazy seder

3. How much I love Christina Courtin

4. The Frankly, Frannie kids books I have coming out next month (and the amazingly awesome tote bag they sent me!)

5. My visit with the Tarot reader that Laurie got me for my birthday (she didn’t actually buy me the entire Tarot reader, just a reading. She’d be a REAL friend if she HAD bought me the actual tarot reader, but she’s clearly not that invested in our friendship because she just bought me a READING).

6.  HOW I WENT TO THE OPERA LAST NIGHT!! My very first Opera ever. It was the premiere of Armida and I was invited by a journalist who is doing a big article on Rene Flemming and it was amazingly fun. We saw Anna Wintour duck out at the first (yes the first) intermission to go to the white tent party. The opera was FOUR HOURS LONG. But there were cool subtitles on the backs of the seats on this little Nasdaq like screen and in the end, people BOOED at the director! It was awesome!

This is what Rene Flemming looks like. 

7. Laurie’s Eisner nomination (this is big time.)

 This is what an Eisner looks like!

8. My new haircut (which is very “The Runaways,” but not on purpose and I am struggling to come to terms with it – the haircut, not the Runaways).

This is what my haircut looks like.

9. And of course, last week’s Happy Ending show, which was AMAZING!


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