Sick in the Second Person

Sometimes you forget you have a blog and so you don’t write anything on it because you forgot that you had it. You sometimes forget you have a blog because you got sick and when you get better you get sick again and when it is 10 o clock on a Sunday night and you are lying on your couch staring at your TV wondering whether to turn it on or go to the kitchen and eat something you remember that you have a blog and maybe you should post something. And so you do. That’s second person for you.


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  1. Amanda I heard that the reading series is canceled on April 23, whereas it has also been suggested that Craig Morgan Teicher will read, with music from Marcellus Hall. What’s the scoop?


  2. Hi Concerned,

    Tis true the show has been cancelled on the 23rd. Marcellus played last week and CMT is reading on June 11th with Ed Park and Rivka Galchen! Please come!

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