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Season 5 Premiere

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Wednesday night’s show was the Season 5 Premiere and it was kind of — amazing. Dan Bern played. Will Allison, Rebecca Curtis and Maxine Swann read and I, of course, was the host. Martha Sharpe was there to record for Radio Press and Gary Campbell took pictures. It was packed. I wore a push-up bra and talked mainly about my cleavage, my decision to get a nose job after seeing some pictures of me on Gawker and how, on Monday, I wrote my first sex story for Nerve. The night’s tone had a sexy cast I could not have predicted. Dan Bern played and people had trouble concentrating on his songs because he’s so damn sexy. Will Allison, for his risk, read a story that he reads his daughter at bedtime. I’m paraphrasing here: “Mary likes to ride. She likes to ride, ride, ride. Mark comes. Mark comes and he rides too. Mark and Mary ride when they come.” Rebecca Curtis had 60 seconds to draw picture of an audience volunteer (Rachel Graves) and the result was very well executed and then Maxine Swann arm wrestled Dan Bern and won. There was a lot of flirting and some people even went home together! Next show 9.26: Ellen Litman, Sunshine O’ Donnell, Joshua Furst and music by Trevor Exter.


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