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This month’s Happy Ending Music & Reading Series “The Truth and Not the Truth” was amazing to watch. Folk(ish) singer Sam Amidon won me over, not only because he’s terribly cute, but wonderfully talented. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen and heard the banjo played, let alone onstage. But that just tells you something about me. Thomas Bartlett, AKA Doveman accompanied Sam on the piano, and they made a remarkable musical pair.

Kevin Wilson, possibly the sweetest Southern man I’ve ever met, read one of his stories featuring a mutant newborn baby with a full set of teeth. I swear I had nightmares about babies smiling at me that night. Amy Cohen told us the story of her former boyfriend getting married months after their breakup and how she dealt with seeing him with his wife (yikes) at a restaurant. Isn’t it so sad how quickly someone else’s tragedy becomes our comedy? Obviously, Amy has moved on. Colson Whitehead shared the worst, and funniest, tale about bad hair. Good, even, full afros are difficult to accomplish. While performing his risk we also learned that Colson likes to write witty haikus about popular television shows like 24 in his spare time. SO GOOD.

So, next month, the series will take place on my 22nd birthday, May 6th. AND one of my favorite bands right now, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, will be performing. I’m crazy excited! I’d love it if you all would come and celebrate with me at Joe’s Pub while I work. T-shirts WILL be sold at recession special rates not to be missed!*

*(note from Amanda: this show is sold out. Sorry!)


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