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Sorry all, I’m writing to you super late about this month’s Happy Ending Music and Reading Series because midterms took over my life (senior, last semester, yeah). Anyhoo, unlike last month, March’s event went very smoothly. I didn’t spoil any punch lines, and there where weren’t any technical glitches at all in fact, apart from Amanda announcing Glen Hansard to perform, and there was just a small delay in his arrival…twice. Oh well, these things happen.

When I heard Glen Hansard would be playing at Joe’s Pub for the series, I couldn’t believe it. I never saw the movie Once, but all of my friends informed me that it was hands down one of the sweetest indie flicks they’d ever seen. So when I finally met Glen and heard his voice, accompanied by musical genius (in the words of Amanda) Doveman on the piano, I was so excited and impressed. His voice IS AMAZING and he’s so sweet. Honestly, I have a bit of a crush….

That night, the risks each author took were hilarious. Julie Orringer played a game with the audience called 1-second Animal Drawings, resulting in tons of laughs and really crazy “animals” on post-its everywhere. Very entertaining. There was a strip tease/clothing swap between Andrew Sean Greer and an audience volunteer (a woman!) that took place onstage behind a white curtain. I was really surprised he could fit her jeans, and then stay serious enough to read an excerpt from his book in them! Unfortunately, Ryan Harty couldn’t perform his risk live. Let’s just say booze and fire was involved. The video was awesome though.

You should just come and see how much fun we have for yourself.

The next event is this Wednesday!


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