Risky business with Rebecca Wolff

The Beginners Author / Secret Songstress Rebecca Wolff

We love risk-takers! And we especially love risks that reveal real hidden talent. One such talent-hoarder is the brilliant writer Rebecca Wolff, whose new novel The Beginners you should definitely read, and who just blew our minds with her smooth-like-honey singing voice at the Spiegeltent show. She was seriously good! Like, I would pay her to come to my apartment and sing lullabyes to me until I fall asleep. Her risk was so good, in fact, that the videographer (let’s call her “Tiz”) was so hypnotized by Wolff’s performance that she a) held the camera at a weird, irreversible angle and b) spaced out and didn’t start taping until halfway through. But, with Rebecca’s blessing, we’re going to show you anyway. Enjoy!


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