I know it’s ridiculous, but it still pains me a little bit when people ask to be removed from the mailing list. What people don’t know is that I do this all manually, so I know who wants off and then I retain that information for later use and confront them publicly until they beg to be put back on. But, really it just pains me a little until I delete them and then get on with my life.


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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    “Zeppo: The Forgotten Marx Brother” closed at intermission on opening night. Only three people were in the audience…Guapo, a lawyer for the Marx Brothers Estate who’s bringing a lawsuit against me for copyright infringement, and, a Paramount Pictures executive who despite being drunk offered me $1.3 mil for the rights to the show! With all that coin, Amanda we could’ve paid Megan to leave Craig and go back to wherever she came from. Sadly, though, Paramount wants Reese Witherspoon to play Gummo so I walked away from the deal.

    I’m exhausted but back on the case. Craig and Megan fight constantly over everything under the sun. Politics, baseball, stem cell research, you name it and they’ve almost come to blows over it. We’re in great shape here! My staff tell me this marriage won’t make it to the spring.

    If I understand things correctly are you really going to be reading some of these comments at Wednesdays show? Have you really thought this through?

  2. Please add me, and then go on to enjoy your day.

  3. Anon — reading the comments didn’t make the cut! I’m sorry. And I’ve got a cold so I don’t have the energy at this very moment to respond to this, but will. And Adorism — Thank you. Very sweet.

  4. Amanda Stern Avatar
    Amanda Stern

    Anon — my birthday is March 20th. I want Craigan broken up by then. And then, for my birthday, well — you know what to get me. But put a ribbon on him. And cut holes in the box so he can breathe.

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