In the course of trying to sell a book, or a story, or even your soul, one is likely to receive one or two rejection letters. Here are some of mine, as well as some of yours. If you keep sending your rejection letters, I’ll keep posting them!


Magazine rejection 1998
Magazine rejection #2, 1998
Nicest rejection from a magazine ever, 2000
Wishful thinking rejection from a magazine, 2000
First Waitership rejection from Bread Loaf, 2000
Second Waitership rejection from Bread Loaf, 2001


Rejection Letter to Adina Ferber from Junior High School
Rejection Letter to Jim White from Warner Bros
Rejection Letter to Established Author
Rejection Letter to Musician


I had been trying to get my driver’s license and people were giving me plenty of advice on how to pass. Here, from a stranger, is the oddest advice yet:

The Super Strange Advice

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