Practice and All is Coming

Now that it has been announced elsewhere, I feel okay announcing it here.

My brother sent an email from India early this morning telling us that Guruji had just passed away. Pattabhi Jois (aka Guruji) was the modern founder of Ashtanga Yoga, and my brother’s mentor, guide and guru. He was an extended member of my family; we’ve known him now for a bit over twenty years. He lived a long (he was 93), well-celebrated life and while it’s a very sad day for the yoga community, my heart and thoughts are with his daughter Saraswathi, his son Manju, his grandson Sharath, and my brother Eddie, my sister in law Jocelyne and my niece, Lili.


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  1. Carol Keeley Avatar
    Carol Keeley

    You and your brother came to mind immediately yesterday when I heard the news. Is Eddie in Mysore? Was he able to see Guruji before his passing? I study with Richard Freeman. The true teachers, like your brother and Richard, are more precious than ever. I’ll include them in my prayers for Guruji and his family.

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