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KATIE MERZ is a brilliant artist. I’ve known her a couple years now and not only is she the real deal as a person, she’s the real deal as an artist. There’s nothing pretentious or disingenuous about her or her work. In an effort to get the word out about her extraordinary and authentic art, I have chosen her as the person of the week.

Some of her work:

Facts about Katie: (other than the fact that she’s a terrible speller and that I call her K-dawg) Her Favorite Music: De la Soul. Rides: a bike since 1969. Worked: in a newsstand for one year. Has: bad bones and lots of cavities. Feet: the size of transvestites. Born: Brooklyn. Has been: to confession

If you want to purchase one of her limited edition yoga mats and learn more about her and her work, go to



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    love that mat!!!!

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