Paprika’s Rendition of Farmer and the Dell

This sweet looking girl is Paprika. Spice Baby to some. Her mom is one of my best friends. I thought I’d share this little anecdote, as it’s kind of completely up my alley. And, hopefully, yours too.

FROM JENI: (Spice baby’s ma) “Paprika was really excited to have mastered singing the “farmer and the dell”–that good old favorite from years gone by. please read below to see our sweet child’s adaptation…

from the back seat at the top of her lungs–paprika:

“the farmer and the dell, the farmer and the dell, hi ho the derry-o, the farmer and the dell!”

“the mice eats the cheese, the mice eats the cheese, hi ho the derry-o, the mice eats the cheese!”

(imagine her singing these 2 verses over and over for about 8 minutes until…)

“the guy hits the kid, the guy hits the kid, hi ho the derry-o, with a very sharp knife.”

“the kid hitted the guy, the kid hitted the guy, hi ho the derry-o, the guy really cried.”

“the momma eats the baby, the momma eats the baby, hi ho the derry-o, the momma eats the baby”….

All is quiet in the car except for the silent shaking hysteria in the front seat. Then Paprika reflects,

“wow that one was really crazy!”


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