One Story Debutante Ball–Tickets Going Fast!

Time and tickets are running out for One Story’s Literary Debutante Ball, so get your act together! Click here to buy tickets for this Friday’s event and have the chance to:
1. Win a f******* iPad. Let’s just get that little bonus out of the way immediately.
2. See Colson Whitehead in seafoam tulle? Michael Cunningham in a mustard-yellow leisure suit? I don’t really know what to expect when it comes to writers dressing themselves for a ‘debutante ball,’ so here’s to hoping.
3. Check out awesome art/performance/film inspired by One Story stories.
4. BUY that awesome art/performance/film!
5. Support a really great literary magazine.
6. MINGLE with your HEROES. That always goes exceeeelllently if you’re as socially inept as I am.
7. Say hi to me and Amanda! She’ll be walking around commanding attention as a Benefit Committee member and being all funny, and I’ll probably be taking your coat, but whatever, totally cool.
UPDATE: OH SNAP, TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. Better start hitting up your friends/cruising craigslist ASAP.

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