Newish Series: Arts in Mind

Joshua Wolf Shenk’s 2 month-old series”Arts in Mind“–host to discussions about creative work invested in themes of mental health–seems like exactly the kind of series you could grow attached to–the kind that somehow knows exactly the type of event you’ve been waiting for nyc to deliver (up next: a screening of The Devil and Daniel Johnston, followed by a talk with the filmmaker) but also surprises you with talks you hadn’t been waiting for at all but will definitely rearrange your schedule to attend (August’s event: ‘Elegies for Our Lost Asylums,’ a conversation with photographer Christopher Payne and visual artist Anna Schuleit–I’m rearranging my delorean-maintenance schedule to go back in time and attend).

Shenk is author of Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness (a NYTimes Best Book of the Year), and he hosts the series in the New School.  Here’s to hoping this one’s around and available to the public for a long, long time!

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