My favorite Spam!

I just got this in my inbox and am now considering a remedy for the Jew religion (since I am of the Jew religion). Or, maybe they have a remedy for White, since I am also White. 


Our remedies are for all religions,







and for all nationalities.

There are various kinds of remedies under one roof right from Vedic planetary solutions to specific problem solutions through

Yagna/Havan/Puja          Mantra Jaap (Recital of Mantras),
Crystal Circuits              Pyramid Yantras,
Special Bags (potlis)      Taaviz (talisman), etc.

You may choose one or all or a mix of our services and products to solve your problem and make your life successful, happy and prosperous.

SAVE THIS MAIL. Keep it for future reference. You never know when you need something.

You may even refer us to your friends and relatives too, be they in trouble now or not.

Wishing you Good Luck and May Lord Almighty bless you.

Chiron’s Grace – (Chiron is the Greek Mythological Healer – Our Inspirator)

Hema Khimasia


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