More Tyranny, Please

Heads up– things are getting preeeeeeetty interesting over at the New York Tyrant. According to this article over at PW, Tyrant founder Giancarlo DiTrapano is pushing his magazine platform further into book press territory (having already published Brian Evenson’s novella Baby Leg in fall ’09), something he’s “always wanted.” Tyrant Books is putting its weight behind Eugene Marten’s Firework, an excerpt from which you can check out over at Sidebrow, slated for release riiiiight about now/spring 2010.

yeah, totally now. Hit me up, pollen.
After reading that article, I have cosmically high expectations for this book. I mean–
“We will be defined by Firework,” DiTrapano insisted, disclosing that he is currently in negotiations to sell the foreign rights, “Marten is the best writer to come out of any small press in years. [Firework] is going to make a lot of writers take a good, hard look at their own writing, as well as make readers take a good look at what they’ve been
Yeowza! Plenty of respect for small, independent presses and the amount of support they give their authors. Now pass me that breezy beach read “culminating in a one-man Armageddon and an aftermath as hopeful as it is horrifying.”

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