More Laura….

        So, the incomparable Robert Lopez has snapped up the Laura Found a Baby story (title now changed to “The First Thing about Raising Babies”) so I’ll let you know when he puts it up, but (and I don’t think he’ll kill me) here’s a couple more lines as a teaser.  So, scroll down a couple blog posts for the first paragraph, because this is the next one…

        And that’s when Laura went and picked Pete Derry, which was the exact wrong choice. Pete Derry doesn’t even like babies or girls. He likes Little League and video games and he isn’t even good about sharing because he never gives me a turn at anything.  Pete Derry doesn’t even like his own baby brother! Laura said that was different because that baby was a brother and this baby was a daughter, and those are not the same things.  Pete didn’t want to be the baby’s dad, but his father said he had to. He said, it’s the right thing to do.


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