Mini update of no significance

What a crazy ass time it’s been. I’m working on a new website that will integrate this blog and will, due to purely psychological reasons, make it easier for me to blog with more regularity. Although, it’s not psychology that keeps me from regular blogging – it’s work. I’m in over my head here, but out of the catatonia de overwhelmed.

Trying to finish a draft of my novel by October 5th, but it looks like I’ll have to push it back to the 15th, due to piles of FORESEEN things (Happy Ending pre production, working on novel, doing interview with Laurie Anderson for the Believer, essay for Post Road, writing kids books, Hal Hartley video shoot) and…

UNFORSEEN things (writing a “Bible,” for a huge network pitch of my kids books which have been optioned, breaking up with boyfriend, death a friend becoming obsessed with taking ballet classes and all the fall book events that I have to go to because I WANT to go to them).Below is a new video by Happy Ending alum, Jeffrey Lewis. It bears no relation to anything I’ve said above. I just like it. Happy Brooklyn Book Festival Day!



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