Mini goes to Mass….

TONIGHT I’ll be presenting with Nate Sensel at Exit Art as part of MOLESKINE PORTRAITS.  (#MOLESKINEPORTRAITS)

FROM 5-6pm (THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD-OUT!) The Self-Portrait Composition workshop with Nathan Sensel and Amanda Stern. – Workshop participants will gather for a 1-hour self-portrait composition workshop using the 400 words stamps from Moleskine Words. They will be given a Moleskine Cahier journal to customize and then led through a writing and design process that will illustrate a self-portrait of the participant then and now, and the journey between.

***RSVP’s are now closed. A few additional tickets are available at the door. ***

FROM 6-9pm – A RECEPTION to explore the many ways to capture a portrait using Moleskine objects. Text-portraits, sound-portraits, taste-portraits, photo-portraits, and more.

Moleskine Portraits
January 30, 2012
Exit Art

475 10th Ave
New York, NY 10018


Tomorrow morning, I’m getting on a train and getting off at Rte 128…

…and I’m not coming back.

Until Sunday.

Maybe even MONDAY!

I’m going to hole up and put on an auto-responder and work on my novel.


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